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Charles Croft

21 October 1983
I also keep a blog detailing my bodybuilding progress. It's at http://ccmuscle.livejournal.com

The sole author of this journal is Charles Croft. This is his personal weblog. If you want to put these writings in context, these are the bones that will help you construct his identity:
  • 27 years old
  • British-Born, living in New Zealand
  • Writer, working in hospitality
  • Also: bodybuilder, furry, gay
  • Married

"This journal used to be called The Hidden Place. Since September 2008, this journal has become 'friends-only'. If you're an interested reader, please take a look at this post and continue. Ta!"

"The number of men on this planet is great but finite. The number of potential men within men is infinite. I am, therefore, greater than the entire human race."*

"Tolerance is not a contemplative position, dispensing indulgence to what was and to what is. It is a dynamic attitude consisting in the foresight, the understanding, and the promotion of what wants to be."**

"Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest"***

* Quote by Doctor Rudolph Balkani
** Quote by Claude Lévi-Strauss
*** Quote by Emile Zola